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Turning Surplus into Support

The Value of In-Kind Donations 

In-kind donations refer to non-monetary contributions given to nonprofit organizations. These contributions typically involve the transfer of assets, such as goods or services, and can be made by individuals or other organizations and companies.


CityHouse is currently in need of donations in-kind, such as pantry items, furniture, and cars.

Furniture/Household Items

When new families move into CityHouse, they often require furniture or essential household items. These items hold significant value and can assist mothers in taking the next step towards a better future. By donating gently used furniture and household items, you can make a difference in their lives. 

Clothes/City Closet

CityHouse offers a clothing closet for families to access professional and everyday apparel. We kindly request donations of women's and children's clothing ranging from sizes XXS-2X to ensure we can continue providing this invaluable resource.


At CityHouse, a significant number of families need personal vehicles to fulfill their transportation requirements. However, upon their arrival, they often lack a vehicle or possess one in poor condition. By generously donating a vehicle to CityHouse, you can assist a family in gaining the ability to travel to vital destinations without being reliant on public transportation.

Beyond the Dollar:
The Unique Benefits of In-Kind Giving


In-kind donations provide numerous benefits and opportunities for individuals and organizations interested in making a positive impact. 

Tangible Impact

In-kind donations provide tangible goods and services directly to those in need, ensuring that beneficiaries receive essential items such as food, clothing, medical supplies, or educational materials. This immediate impact can address pressing needs more effectively than monetary contributions.

Resource Allocation

CityHouse can allocate its financial resources more efficiently when we receive in-kind donations. These contributions help reduce overhead costs, allowing us to allocate a higher percentage of funds directly to our programs and services.

Donor Engagement

In-kind donations offer a unique opportunity for you to engage with the causes you support on a personal level and witness the direct impact of your contributions firsthand.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

In-kind donations of gently used items or surplus goods can promote sustainability by reducing waste. These donations can extend the lifespan of products and reduce the need for new production, thereby lessening the environmental footprint of both donors and recipients.

​To learn more about how to donate or schedule a drop-off, please get in touch with us at
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