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Delray Beach Campus: 6 families

Boca Raton Campus: 8 families

Total: 14 families

The CityHouse Residential Program is a two-to-three-year program that offers safe and affordable housing, wrap-around services, daily mentoring, educational opportunities, mental health support, and skill-building opportunities. 

Our program focuses on empowering their mothers to live healthier lives through education, community, and career development, offering a holistic approach to each family's multifaceted needs.

Housing: Affordable housing lays the foundation for mothers to gain steps towards autonomy and for children to achieve steps toward successful futures. Affordable housing is the platform for which healthy changes can be made.


  • Apartments are newly renovated, fully furnished, and stocked with necessities like toiletries.

  • Residents are responsible for a few rental expenses, equaling 30 percent of a full-time minimum salary.

Case Management and Therapeutic Services: We apply a strengths-based philosophy of resilience and resourcefulness. Our on-staff Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Case Managers, and Social Work (MSW) Interns provide therapeutic services and increase access to community resources.

Enrichment: Through strategic partnerships, we have developed a program model with low-cost services that lead to enhanced opportunities and, ultimately, healthier families for generations to come.


  • Safe, Affordable Housing

  • Spiritual Enrichment

  • Financial Enrichment

  • Therapeutic Services

  • Life Skill Enrichment

  • Career Development

  • Parenting Enrichment

  • Trained Mentors


7 Mothers, 10 Children

The purpose of the CityHouse Community Care Program is to provide support services to single mothers and their children in Palm Beach County, Florida who are at risk of homelessness. This program provides protective factors, including financial and emotional support, that enables families to stay together and live and thrive in their communities. The program was launched in June 2021.


  • Monthly rent support/EHHV voucher

  • Wrap Around Services

  • Access to CityHouse Resources and Classes

  • Quarterly Treatment Plan Reviews

  • Therapeutic Services

  • Monthly Case Management Meetings

  • Financial Literacy Development

  • Access to emergency financial support


20 Mothers, 27 Children

We challenge our mothers to learn and become empowered to successfully live beyond their time at CityHouse. We conduct follow-up evaluations with program graduates through the structure of this program. The Alumni Care Program offers continued access to services and support over a five-year, step-down program to ensure graduates transition well into independent and healthy living. Our evaluations have consistently shown that graduates exit our program with the ability to provide for their families well beyond the scope of basic needs.


  • Wrap Around Services

  • Access to CityHouse resources and classes

  • Therapeutic Services 

  • Access to emergency financial support

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